Plastic mouldings for the leisure industry

If you manufacture and supply products for the leisure industry then you will no doubt be needing your own plastic mouldings to produce these products. Here at B&H mouldings we have extensive experience in the plastic moulding industry specialising in certain fields, one of them being the leisure industry.

We have worked with many satisfied clients

We have worked with many clients that have wanted to produce a specific product for the leisure industry but that need the plastic moulds to be able to achieve this. Often, they have a very good idea of what they are looking for and sometimes they need advice on what will work and what won’t.


Our specialists can offer you the advice you need

At B&H mouldings our mission is to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. By discussing your initial concept and ideas with us we can advise you if this is something that can be achieved or not. Sometimes it may be that what you want won’t be achievable at the desired quality. Our knowledge and experience enables us to have the foresight to see what will work and what won’t.


Bringing your concept to life

Once we have ascertained this, we will then introduce you to our design team who will turn your concept into a reality. They will produce a design complete with any bespoke requirements that you may have and then, once you are happy we will get to work to produce your test mould or moulds.


We can supply you with the full range of leisure moulds

Often you may want something designed in a range of sizes. Perhaps you want several similar designs, all with subtle differences. We can produce whatever it is that you are looking for. Once we have produced a test, we will then manufacture the final product for you. If there are tweaks that need to be made this can be done at the test stage. If you see the plastic moulding at test stage and want to adjust it then this can also be done.

Our mission is to produce what you need

Our mission is to produce exactly what you are looking for. To do this we work with you, taking on board your ideas and concepts so that we can come up with the perfect solution. If you would like to discuss your requirements further then please get in touch.