Plastic mouldings for the Brewing industry

At B&H Mouldings, we specialise in producing plastic mouldings for a number of industries including the brewing industry. Our products are produced to order and specification. You may not have an exact spec, but just an idea of what you want. Here is how we can help:

Design your brewing plastic mouldings

If you know what you want but aren’t sure how to achieve it then worry not. Our team of specialists will be able to take your concept and turn it into the product that you are looking for. In the first instance, we will find out what it is that you are looking for, what it is for and what purpose it needs to serve. Then we can look at the finer detail of the packaging and any bespoke requirements you may have.


Manufacturing your mouldings

Once the mouldings have been designed to your satisfaction we will then produce a test for you. This gives you the chance to assess if this is what you are looking for and if there are any tweaks that need to be made. If you are happy with your finished brewing plastic mouldings we can then manufacture the final version for you.


What we provide

Barrel valves, taps and accessories are among some of the brewing mouldings that we are asked to produce for our clients in the industry. Of course, they come in all shapes and sizes and all provide different functions but we are able to produce your brewing mouldings to your specific requirements.


The next step

If you are looking for bespoke brewing plastic mouldings then talk to us. In the first instance, you can get in touch and discuss your requirements then we will be happy to undertake your project if to deliver what you are looking for.