Bespoke packaging moulds for the cosmetic industry

At B&H Mouldings we design and manufacture bespoke plastic mouldings for the cosmetic industry. Using our top of the range machinery and our extensive experience, our skilled design team can create what you are looking for. Our manufacturing team will then produce the goods.

We can produce whatever it is you are looking for. If you have seen products on retail shelves and are looking for your own version of these products’ packaging, then we can help.


Your very own designer packaging

We have worked with many businesses from the beauty & cosmetic industry producing bespoke plastic moulds for containers, jars, bottles, packaging and other elements that you see every day lining supermarket shelves and those of top High Street beauty retailers.

From lipstick and mascara tubes to perfume bottles and skin cream jars, you tell us what you need and we will provide it. Our plastic mouldings are superior in quality and will be designed to your requirements.


For bespoke beauty plastic moulds

Perhaps you want your packaging to be a little bit different to what everyone else is using. Maybe you need it to feature a logo or perhaps you want to achieve an interesting shape. You will see many types of perfume bottles all vying for your attention on the shelves with their sleek packaging and unique shape. These all start with a vision and a concept which is then used to produce a plastic mould.


Talk to us about what you are looking for

In the first instance, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you. Then we can work to produce the design that you are looking for before you give your approval to have the moulds produced. Once we have created your designs, they belong to you. We won’t share these moulds with others as they are produced to order for your business.